Become a Personal Support Worker for Free


Now is the time to become a qualified Personal Support Worker (PSW) for free and enter the in-demand health care field in just 30 weeks. A training program for PSWs is being delivered at no-cost to students through Willis College. This pilot scholarship program allows students to be trained online and complete placements within the local community.

Funding to train up to 300 Personal Support Workers for long-term care homes in the Ottawa area is being provided by the Ontario government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the demand for PSWs.

Through Willis College, training is being delivered at no-cost and includes four days a week of virtual learning, and one day a week of volunteer experience at a long-term care home. The program is 30 weeks in total, including an 8 week full-time clinical placement at a long-term care home. The Four Seasons Lodge is working with Willis College on local placements in order to try to send students to a home close to their community.

This program is an amazing opportunity to get started on, or further, your career in health care, receive free tuition and learning materials, gain hands-on experience, and potentially secure full-time employment at your placement long-term care home. PSWs play a vital role in the health care industry, working alongside other health care professionals to deliver person-centered care for patients or residents.

PSWs are currently highly sought-after in the health care field, and will continue to be into the future. This fall, the Ontario government also announced an increase in the number of hours of direct care for each long-term care resident, which will result in the need for a significant increase of PSWs across the province. Scholarships like the one being offered through Willis College are part of the process of recruiting more frontline workers to our health workforce.

Willis College encourages people of all ages to apply who want to make a difference and help residents. For more information about the program, click here. Please reach out to Jenny Hickson, Director of Care at the Four Seasons Lodge Long-Term Care Home, at 613-584-3333 x 7401 or jenny.hickson@drdh.org if you would like to learn more about the rewarding careers of PSWs in long-term care, or for assistance with your application.

PSW and resident