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For people looking to contribute to their community, serving as a member of a health care board can be an incredibly rich, rewarding, and meaningful experience. To ensure that health care organizations meet the needs of their stakeholders, they need guidance and direction from the communities they serve. The guidance and direction provided by volunteer boards is an integral part of a properly functioning healthcare system.

The global COVID-19 pandemic and its rapid evolution has placed enormous pressure on health care organizations as they seek to adapt and respond to the situation. It is crucial that boards and management collaborate to find the best way forward for the communities for which they provide care. Boards provide oversight to support management in discharging their accountabilities, assist in establishing strategic goals, and monitor progress, which helps the organization uphold its mission, vision and values.

The Board which governs the Deep River and District Hospital, the North Renfrew Family Health Team, and the Four Seasons Lodge Long-Term Care is looking to appoint Board Members with complimentary skills and expertise to act on behalf of our communities and be ambassadors for the organization.

There are opportunities for individuals to join as Board Members, or as Patient / Resident Representatives on a Board Committee. The Board Committees seeking Patient / Resident Representatives are the Strategic Planning and Relationships Committee, the Resource and Audit Committee, the Quality, Risk, and Safety Committee, and the Patient and Family Advisory Council.

The Strategic Planning and Relationships Committee is responsible for ensuring a strategic plan and goals are in place with planning into the future. The Committee oversees the development of relationships and partnerships with stakeholders to address strategic directions.

The Resource and Audit Committee oversees the effective use of resources of the organization (financial, capital, and Human Resources) and apprises the Board on financial issues/risks and recommends appropriate actions for maintaining financial viability of the organization.

The Quality, Risk, and Safety Committee is responsible for monitoring and reporting on quality performance of the organization to ensure that the quality of care and safety are at their highest achievable levels. The Committee also ensures appropriate risk management processes are in place to identify and mitigate risks.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) reports to the Quality, Risk, and Safety Committee and serves in an advisory capacity providing feedback and input related to the experience of patients, residents, and their families at the hospital, long-term care, and family health team.

All Committees of the Board meet quarterly or at the call of the Chair, and the Board typically meets monthly – except for July and August. In order to reduce possible transmission of the COVID-19 virus, meetings of the Board and Committees are currently virtual. Board Members are elected for volunteer terms of up to three years. Board Members sit on at least two Committees in addition to the Board itself. Joining the Board as a Patient / Resident Representative, which are appointed annually, can be a great way to learn about the functioning of the Board before joining as a Board Member.

Join the Board to help ensure we achieve our vision of an excellent, compassionate health care experience, every time. Those with a deep interest in health care, a passion for improving the patient / resident experience, and an openness to learn are invited to apply. Applications can be accessed on the DRDH website (www.drdh.org) or by calling 613-584-3333 x 7100. Kindly submit your application to Amy Joyce before Thursday, April 15, 2021.

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