Network 24 Adopts New Name As Part Of The Ontario Health Team (OHT) Development Process


Members of the Network 24 Ontario Health Team (OHT) are excited to share that they have adopted a new name as part of the OHT development process and will now be known as the Ottawa Valley Ontario Health Team.

According to Co-Chair Joanne King, “Network 24” had been assigned during the original application process, and it was always understood to be a temporary name until a permanent one was selected. The majority of the name selection process took place over the past six months or so.

“During development of the joint application, names were suggested and then a general survey was completed by members last fall,” Ms. King said. She noted that The Patient Family and Caregiver Network also submitted ideas for consideration and, based on all recommendations, two names were identified as the top contenders. Last month, not long after the new OHT received provincial approval, an online poll of the members was held and Ottawa Valley OHT was accepted by 96% of those who responded.

Ms. King said the group’s Steering Committee endorsed the new name at its February 2nd meeting.

Co-Chair Dr. Declan Rowan said the new name speaks to the collaborative efforts taking place in local health care and to the inclusivity of all who are involved – while also being a simple name for the public to remember and identify with. He added that, with the name now confirmed, the OHT’s Communications Working Group will be moving forward with further branding development including logo design and creation of a website.

The Ottawa Valley OHT received provincial approval last October. Since that time, 50 agencies and organizations have officially signed on to be a part of the OHT. Other development work has included establishment of a Steering Committee and working groups which will focus on the new OHT’s three priority areas - mental health and addictions, ageing at home, and helping residents connect with family doctors.

The goal of Ontario Health Teams is to ensure delivery of a patient-centred health system in which health care partners work together in a coordinated approach that connects patients with the services they need in a more structured and timely manner.

Represented among those health care partners are hospitals, long-term care homes, municipalities, paramedic services, primary care providers, agencies that provide social services, palliative care, homecare, community care, mental health and addictions care, and public health — as well as patients and caregivers.

The Ottawa Valley OHT’s catchment area includes a broad and diverse set of communities in and around the Ottawa Valley. The area stretches from Renfrew past Deep River, and includes the communities of Calabogie, Barry’s Bay, Eganville, Cobden, Pembroke and Petawawa, as well as those along Highway 60 to South Algonquin Township. The area covers approximately 7,600 square kilometers and 80,000 residents.

For more information, please contact:

Lesley Buckingham

Administrative Resource Ottawa Valley OHT


P: 613-281-0954