The Deep River & District Hospital

The Deep River & District Hospital is part of the North Renfrew Health Campus and includes:Hosptial signage with helicopter in background

  • Deep River and District Hospital
  • Deep River and Area Food Bank
  • Four Seasons Lodge (Long Term Care)
  • North Renfrew Family Health Team
  • North Renfrew Family Services
  • Deep River and District Physiotherapy Center

The town is filled with history, culture, and natural beauty. From beaches to mountains, Deep River embraces a spectacular tract of unspoiled, tree-lined valley scenery and back-to-nature activities that beckon visitors from around the world.

 Scenic lookout facing body of water

With a scenic location on the wooded banks of the Ottawa River and our proximity to many more inland pleasures, Deep River offers an array of sports and outdoor adventures with a rich cultural mosaic and festive community calendar throughout all four seasons.

The Deep River & District Hospital has been actively engaged with the Champlain LHIN since the LHIN’s inception and incorporates the planning and integration priorities of the LHIN into the development of its strategic plans.


Mission, Vision, ValuesDeer in forest

Mission Statement

To provide a broad range of high-quality health care services for our local communities.


Vision Statement

Every client’s healthcare experience will be exceptional.




  • We improve the quality of life in our client communities through education and leadership in health care services.
  • We focus on both the quality of care and the quality of caring
  • We value and support our community of care-givers.


  • We deliver high quality health care services close to home and facilitate access to secondary and tertiary care as needed.
  • We manage our affairs prudently within our financial realities and regulatory compliance requirements.


  • We ensure the highest levels of patient safety.
  • We ensure a safe working environment for our care-givers.


  • We have the courage to evaluate and embrace new operational methods, practices and technologies.


  • We champion collaboration and partnership with other Health Service Providers to ensure seamless and efficient health care.


  • We are honest and transparent in all we do.
  • We respect and maintain the highest levels of client privacy.
  • We adhere to the highest level of professional standards and respect in our interactions with each other, with our clients, and with our service partners.

Strategic Plan

The people who work in hospitals and the communities they serve need a clear picture of where their hospitals are going, what their goals are, and how they intend to reach them. Like all organizations, hospitals need plans that clearly describe and circumscribe the path forward. Establishing this path gives those in governance and organizational leadership roles the opportunity to respond to environmental changes, anticipate future events, and make strategic decisions in response to evolving and external and internal needs. This is the purpose of strategic planning.


Deep River & District Hospital has employed a thorough Strategic Planning process and methodology for many years. The organization uses a consultative community engagement process, complemented with outside expertise, to better understand the external environment. This includes a review of what is happening in health care in the rest of the province and combining this understanding with a review of the needs and realities of delivering effective health care to the thousands of people who use this facility as their primary hospital.

Click here to view the Hospital’s 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.