Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Everyone at DRDH takes part in your care and keeping your safe. As an organization, we will go strive to ensure we meet your expectations and provide you with the best possible care and hospital experience. Patients and family members also have a role. Please join us in creating the best care experience possible for you.

Patient Rights

We are committed to delivering our healthcare services while always respecting the following rights that you have as a patient:

1. Your Right…to a quality and safe healthcare experience while in this facility.

  • To be free from harm resulting from services received as a patient.
  • To receive the highest quality care and services.

2. Your Right…to be treated with Respect and Dignity.

  • Regardless of colour, belief or nationality.
  • Regardless of age, sexual orientation or diversity.
  • Regardless of health condition or health history.

3. Your Right…to be Informed.

  • Informed about your current medical condition.
  • Informed on options for your care.
  • To be given access to medical information related to your hospital visit or stay.

4. Your Right…to Participate.

  • By asking questions to staff and physicians about your care.
  • In decisions related to your care.
  • In decisions related to the future of health care services in our area.

5. Your Right…to Privacy and Confidentiality.

  • To have all of your healthcare matters and information kept confidential.
  • To have all of your Hospital medical records kept secure.

6. Your Right…to have a Voice.

  • To be able to freely tell us about your healthcare experience within our Hospital without fear of consequence.
  • To be able to freely express your opinions on healthcare services within our communities.

Patient Responsibilities

As a patient using the services offered at the Deep River and District Hospital, we also require you to commit to the following patient responsibilities:

1. Your Responsibility …to be Respectful.

  • Of the health care providers who are providing care.
  • Of the rules and regulations of the Hospital.


2. Your responsibility…to take personal ownership for your health

  • To actively work to sustain and enhance your health.
  • To seek help in a timely manner from the most appropriate source when faced with a health problem.
  • To follow the treatment plan prescribed by those who provided services to you.


3. Your Responsibility…to Communicate and Share

  • To give health care providers the most accurate information about your health status.
  • To report any changes in your medical condition.
  • To provide relevant feedback on our services to assist us in our quality improvement activities.


Rights and Responsibilities:

Both are critically important in the delivery of an exceptional healthcare experience.