Deep River & District Health

The Deep River and District Health campus includes:Deep River and District Health signage

  • Deep River and District Hospital
  • Four Seasons Lodge Long-Term Care Home
  • North Renfrew Family Health Team

Deep River & District Health is a leading health care campus comprised of the Deep River and District Hospital, the Four Seasons Lodge Long-Term Care Home, and the North Renfrew Family Health Team. Deep River & District Health provides a variety of programs and services, as well as care and supports provided together with our health and community partners.


Deep River & District Health provides care for over 24,000 people residing from Rapides-des-Joachims and Head, Clara and Maria, past Pembroke, including Deep River, Laurentian Hills, Petawawa, Pembroke, and more.


Deep River & District Health is dedicated to delivering integrated and person-centered care, serving the needs of our local communities while expanding, innovating, and modernizing for a thriving future. With a focus on care and compassion, Deep River & District Health strives to provide excellent care and services that promote the health and well-being of our community.


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Our Purpose

Caring for every person like a loved one, within a connected system.


Our Vision

An excellent, compassionate care experience, every time.


Our Values


  • We improve the quality of life in our client communities through education and leadership in health care services.
  • We focus on both the quality of care and the quality of caring
  • We value and support our community of care-givers.


  • We deliver high quality health care services close to home and facilitate access to secondary and tertiary care as needed.
  • We manage our affairs prudently within our financial realities and regulatory compliance requirements.


  • We ensure the highest levels of patient safety.
  • We ensure a safe working environment for our care-givers.


  • We have the courage to evaluate and embrace new operational methods, practices and technologies.


  • We champion collaboration and partnership with other Health Service Providers to ensure seamless and efficient health care.


  • We are honest and transparent in all we do.
  • We respect and maintain the highest levels of client privacy.
  • We adhere to the highest level of professional standards and respect in our interactions with each other, with our clients, and with our service partners.

Strategic Plan

We are pleased to share with you Deep River & District Health’s 2023–2027 Strategic Plan. As we look forward, our new plan sets exciting and ambitious goals for DRDH over the coming years and will guide us well into the future.


The last five years brought many challenges, including a pandemic. However, we were able to stay the course and achieve the goals we set for ourselves in our previous Strategic Plan. Our team came together to continue to deliver quality, person-centered care and services for our patients, residents and community. More than anything, we supported our community and each other through the most challenging time in health care in recent memory.


With our refreshed 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, we will continue to advance our vision of an “excellent, compassionate care experience, every time”. We are excited to have a new name that reflects our dedication to delivering integrated and person-centred care while expanding, innovating, and modernizing to care for our community today and tomorrow.


Looking ahead, our health campus is evolving to continue to meet the needs of our community now and into the future.


With an ongoing focus on providing care closer to home, there are many exciting projects on the horizon at DRDH over the next five years. By 2026, we will have a new long-term care home with 96 beds on our site, as well as a new building for our family health team. These new physical spaces will support our team to grow and provide care in modern state-of-the art facilities.

New buildings alone will not be enough to meet the needs of our community for the years to come.
We recognize that people are at the core of what we do, and our team is one of DRDH’s greatest strengths. Supporting and growing our staff, physicians, and volunteers will be a major focus of our work over the next five years.

Together, our purpose is to care for every person like a loved one, within a connected system. Now, more than ever before, this will require strong collaboration with our many partners, including our Auxiliary, Foundation, Ottawa Valley Ontario Health Team, and our community. In the ever evolving health care landscape, we recognize that our partnerships and projects may evolve, however, our focus on advancing our strategic goals collaboratively will remain.

In this new plan, we will be guided by our values of caring, excellence, safety, innovation, partnering and integrity to ensure we are delivering excellent, compassionate care for our community. Together, as Deep River & District Health, we look forward to a bright future and building a healthier community.



Janna Hotson, President and Chief Executive Officer

David Cox, Board Chair 

Click here to view the organization's 2023-2027 Strategic Plan.