Diagnostic Imaging

Services Summary

medial radiation technologist in X-Ray Room


Routine X-rays



Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) provided in partnership with Pembroke Regional Hospital.

Available for women between ages of 50-74

For an appointment, call 613-732-1463 and request your appointment be in Deep River.



AbdominalSonographer in ultrasound




Lumps (not breast)


Leg Veins

Please Note: Early pregnancy/dating ultrasounds prior to 16 weeks are not for viewing purposes, and accompaniment is not permitted (unless a minor) and results are not provided by the technologist. 

Other Exams

Electrocardiograms (ECG)


Preparing For Your Visit

Appointments are required for all outpatient ultrasound exams and X-Rays. 

Most ultrasounds require preparation. Click here to access an instruction sheet to prepare for your ultrasound.


Contact Us

Phone: (613) 584-3333, extension 7600

Fax: (613) 584-3890

If we are busy and unable to answer your call, please leave a brief message and your telephone number, and we will return your call as soon as we are able.


Hours of Operation:

The Diagnostic Imaging Department provides out-patient services including X-Rays, ultrasounds, and mammorgrams by appointment Monday – Friday. Family Doctors or Nurse Practitioners will fax requisitions to the Diagnostic Imaging Department, who will then call patients to schedule an appointment. 

Additional Resources

Click here to access the Champlain Health Line website.