Leadership Team

Close up Richard Bedard

President & Chief Executive Officer

Richard Bedard

Phone (613) 584-3333 extension 7101

Email richard.bedard@drdh.org

Close up of William Willard

Vice-President of Operations & Chief Financial Officer

William Willard

Phone (613) 584-3333 extension 7103

Email william.willard@drdh.org

Close up of Janna Hotson

Vice-President of Clinical Services & Chief Nursing Executive | Administrator

Janna Hotson

Phone (613) 584-3333 extension 7102

Email janna.hotson@drdh.org

Close up of Amy Joyce

Executive Assistant & Communications Coordinator

Amy Joyce

Phone (613) 584-3333 extension 7100

Email amy.joyce@drdh.org

Close up of Sandra Griffiths

Executive Director, North Renfrew Family Health Team

Sandra Griffiths

Phone (613) 584-3333 extension 7201

Email sandra.griffiths@drdh.org

Close up of Michelle Robertson

Human Resources Officer

Michelle Robertson

Phone (613) 584-3333 extension 7130

Email michelle.robertson@drdh.org

Organizational Chart

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