Living in Deep River and the Ottawa Valley

A scenic location on the wooded banks of the Ottawa River; the largest nuclear research facility in Canada -- these two attributes exert dominant influences on the Town of Deep River. The physical setting of Deep River is intrinsic in features such as the yacht club, the beautiful beaches, the extensive cross country ski trails and snowmobile trails, the ski hill, and the treed boulevards and parklands. On the other hand, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories provides a large public sector employment with higher than average wages for the area, a scientific persuasion to the Town and to school programs, and an overwhelming economic stimulus.

Fishing rod at sunset over river

The area offers a combination of outstanding recreational facilities, cultural programs, affordable housing and safe communities set in a clear, naturally beautiful environment.

Base Petawawa has grown significantly in recent years and has come to play an increasingly important role in the development of Ottawa Valley communities, including Deep River. Base personnel have become an important source of new residents for the Town.

Deep River is situated along the Trans-Canada Highway, approximately mid-way between Ottawa and North Bay. It is the northern most urban municipality in the County of Renfrew. The City of Pembroke is 50 kilometers to the south east and Ottawa is nearly 200 kilometers away.

The Town of Deep River has a large geographic area (approximately 51 square kilometers). Where the easterly and westerly corporate boundaries meet the River they are about 16 kilometers apart. This encompasses the built-up town site, the Chalk River site of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories and the intervening, undeveloped forested lands which are mainly federally-owned.


Deep River has a unique ‘planning’ history. It was established in the 1940's as a ‘company town’ for Atomic Energy Canada Limited and incorporated as an improvement district in 1956.

The information above was adapted from the “Town of Deep River Official Plan” (revised 2018) which can be found by clicking here to access the Town of Deep River website.


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