Fall Prevention

Being mobile helps prevents three serious hospital complications, such as delirium, functional decline and falls. During your hospital stay, our healthcare team will encourage you to stay active and mobile.

Call-Don’t Fall

  • If you require assistance to get out of bed, use the washroom or to change positions; please use your call bell beside your bed. A member of your healthcare team will answer your call and provide help.

While in the hospital, you can reduce your risk of falling by doing the following:

  • Call for assistance before your move, especially at night.
  • Share any fears or concerns about falling with your healthcare team.
  • If you feel dizzy, weak, unsteady or light-headed, sit down and call for help.
  • Get up slowly after eating, lying down or resting.
  • Wear proper footwear: Non-slip, well-fitting and supportive shoes such as running shoes or slippers with heel support and treads.
  • Wear glasses and/or hearing aids if needed.
  • Take medications as prescribed.
  • Use recommended walking aids and supports.
  • Ensure clothing (such as pants, shirts and housecoats) are not too long-avoid tripping hazards.
  • Participate in physiotherapy exercises to strengthen your muscles and balance.
  • Eat a healthy, regular diet.