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Volunteer Opportunity: The Patient and Family Advisory Council is Inviting New Members

Health Matters...and Good Governance Makes a Difference!

The Patient and Family Advisory Council reports to the Quality, Risk, and Safety Committee of the Board and serves in an advisory capacity providing feedback and input related to the experience of patients, residents, and their families at the hospital, long-term care, and family health team. Members are encouraged to share their ideas on how to improve the patient experience, advise on strategies to enhance partnerships with patients, residents, family members, and caregivers as well as provide input into the annual Quality Improvement Plan. Membership will have a three-year renewable volunteer term.


To get involved in the governance of your local health care organization, through serving as a volunteer Member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council, you are encouraged to submit your expression of interest to Amy Joyce by email at amy.joyce@drdh.org or by phone at 613-584-3333 x 7100.