Pet Visits

We recognize that having the family dog visit the hospital can lift a patient’s spirits. For the safety and comfort of all patients, visitors and staff, all family dogs must be registered with the appropriate nursing unit before coming to the hospital.

picture of a large dogWhile visiting, the animal’s designated handler assumes full responsibility for the care and control of the animal and must follow all hospital guidelines, including current Infection Prevention & Control policies and practices. Visiting dogs must be up to date with vaccinations and be able to provide proof of such upon request. Dogs must be comfortable in a hospital environment and not exhibit any aggressive behaviours or disrupt staff or patients.

Under most circumstances, guide dogs, hearing dogs, and assistance dogs do not require authorization to enter DRDH.

Hospital visits by other family pets are not recommended and will be considered on a case-by-case basis, consistent with DRDH policies and procedures. Please contact the nursing unit for more information.