Preschool Speech and Language Services

Service Summary

Young boy with speech language therapistThe Deep River and District Hospital offers speech-language pathology services to preschool children, including those in junior kindergarten, in the Chalk River and Deep River area. Servies are currently being offered virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The service is provided through an agreement with the Renfrew Victoria Hospital and is part of the county-wide Sprouting Speech preschool speech and language program. The Deep River and District Hospital Auxiliary continues to contribute $10,000 per year to enable our hospital to provide speech therapy to our local children.

Contact Us

All preschool speech and language referrals are processed through the Sprouting Speech office in Pembroke. Referrals are accepted from parents as well as health care providers.

Sprouting Speech

1100 Pembroke Street East

Pembroke ON

Phone: 1-866-994-8124 extension 5905

Hours of Operation

The Speech Language Pathologist services are offered on alternate Tuesdays.

Additional Resources

For more information, click here to visit the Sprouting Speech website.