We welcome your feedback and would like to hear from you regarding the delivery of care and service you received from our organization, which includes the Deep River and District Hospital, Four Seasons Lodge Long Term Care Home, the North Renfrew Family Health Team and the Deep River Physiotherapy Centre. Feedback is key to ensure that we are both fulfilling the expectations of patients, residents, family members and visitors as well as taking measures to improve the quality of the experience when necessary.

If you have a compliment, comment, suggestion or concern regarding your experience with our organization, we encourage you to please contact us. You can reach out to us, using any of the below contact information:

Click HERE to provide us with feedback via email. 


If you provide your contact information, we strive to acknowledge all feedback within 5 business days of receiving it.


Post discharge follow-up calls

  • Post-discharge phone calls are made by a DRDH volunteer or healthcare professional to patients within 24-72 hours of discharge.
  • Questions include whether you felt that you were treated with respect and dignity, whether you were prepared for your discharge, and if you would recommend the organization to your family and friends.

Patient Experience Surveys

DRDH has launched a digital patient experience tool, partnering with Qualtrics to offer a fully digital, advanced, user-friendly survey experience. Through Qualtrics, patients seen in DRDH’s Emergency Department or Inpatient Unit have an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience in a confidential, anonymous, and secure way that is timely and easy, helping to continue to improve care and services.


Patients seen in DRDH’s Emergency Department or discharged from the Inpatient Unit will receive an email following their visit to invite them to complete an electronic Patient Experience Survey. Patients can complete the survey anywhere, anytime.

The Deep River and District Hospital surveys patients who receive care as an opportunity to continue to improve the quality of care and overall patient experience.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why does DRDH collect patients’ email addresses?

We collect patient email addresses to send each patient a Patient Experience Survey following their visit or admission. We also collect patient email addresses for those who wish to sign up for MyChart, a secure online patient portal.


If I don’t have an email address, can my partner, parent, or family member provide their email address instead?

Yes, as long as you and the other person providing the email address agree, via verbal consent to the Registration Clerk, and understand the survey is only to be answered by you (the patient).


When will I receive the survey?

Surveys are generally sent to patients by email, one to two days after they receive care. 


When I complete the survey, will the hospital staff know who the feedback is from?

Your answers are confidential and will be combined with those from other patients in a report provided to the hospital with aggregate data and feedback. Your identity will remain anonymous.


How are my responses used? Who has access to these responses? 

Information we gather from experience surveys gives us insight into your experience and perspective on the quality of care you receive at the Deep River and District Hospital. The information received will help inform and improve person-centred care across the hospital and improve the delivery of services. 


It is important to note that these are confidential surveys, your information will not be shared. 


Will I receive multiple surveys if I visit DRDH more than once?

Once you submit your survey, the system will automatically remove your name from the list, so you do not receive multiple invitations to participate in the survey for at least three months.


Who will the survey come from?

You will receive the Patient Experience Survey email from DRDH’s Vice President of Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive.


Will a patient’s email address be shared with a third party?

No, the hospital along with Qualtrics, the independent firm conducting the survey on our behalf, are the only organizations that will receive the patient’s contact information. Qualtrics and DRDH fully comply with federal and provincial privacy legislation, which governs the collection, use, and disclosure of personal health information within the health sector.