Paid Parking to begin November 1, 2017


Beginning November 1st, 2017, the Deep River and District Hospital will be implementing mandatory paid parking. The Board of Directors made the decision to introduce mandatory paid parking as a means to increase revenues and to provide additional financial support in order to maintain vital services at the Deep River and District Hospital. 


William Willard, Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President of Operations, points out that with costs for snow removal, line painting, salting, sanding, and general upkeep of the parking facilities exceeding $20,000 per year, funds raised through paid parking will help offset these costs and allow the Hospital to reallocate funds to maintain Hospital services. Costs previously associated with repairing and repaving the parking lot can now be reinvested in care delivery.


“This is money in our budget that we do not have available for direct patient care,” he says. “By establishing an affordable fee for parking, we can cover these costs and focus our operating dollars on continuing to provide exceptional patient care.” While the Hospital receives phenomenal financial support from the local community through the Deep River and District Hospital Foundation and the Hospital Auxiliary for equipment, DRDH is facing difficult challenges in meeting its day-to-day operating costs. Many of these costs are beyond the Hospital’s control and continue to increase at a higher rate than government funding. Charging for parking will help to minimize job cuts and service reductions.


“Paid parking is no longer something we can avoid in smaller communities,” says DRDH Chief Executive Officer and President Richard Bedard. “It is a revenue stream that we require in order to maintain quality health care close to home. The bottom line is that DRDH can no longer afford to ignore this revenue stream and pay out of pocket to maintain our parking facilities. Money that is spent on maintaining our parking lots is money that is not available for patient care. This is a situation, where if everyone participates and contributes, we will all gain with maintaining core services,” says Bedard. “This is a necessary step to maintain such important services within Deep River such as the local emergency department and primary health care.”


Hospital staff and Physicians will also be required to pay for parking. “We have made every effort to introduce an affordable parking system that will be convenient for visitors and effective in helping us meet our financial needs while maintaining the functionality of the services provided to the community” Willard says.


In keeping with the Hospital Parking Directive issued by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care DRDH will be charging the following rates for visitors:


$5 for a 24 hour period with in-and-out privileges

$30 for a 30 day pass with in-and-out privileges


“Please be assured that this decision has not been made lightly”, Janet Gow, Chair of the Board noted. “The executive leadership team and the Board of Directors have carefully considered all options during their deliberations about this issue. DRDH is committed to maintaining the highest level of quality care, and we are doing everything in our power to maintain services in this very tough economic climate. DRDH remains committed to our mission, vision and values and providing exceptional healthcare to our community.”