Deep River & District Hospital to Welcome a New Doctor


 Dr. Caitlin Armer


The Deep River & District Hospital (DRDH) is thrilled to be welcoming another new physician to our community.

Dr. Caitlin Armer will be coming to DRDH in the fall of 2022, adding to our community’s complement of family physicians.

Dr. Armer will be joining the North Renfrew Family Health Team (NRFHT) physician group, which also includes Drs. Kipp and Corrigan. Dr. Armer will be taking over for Dr. Hanene Ben Amor, who recently announced that she will be transitioning her practice from the NRFHT to the ‘Family Health Organization’ physician group. Dr. Ben Amor is joining the Family Health Organization in order to take over for Dr. Elizabeth Noulty, who after 34 rewarding years, shared that she will be retiring from her office-based family medicine practice this fall.  

Dr. Armer will be assuming care for existing patients of Dr. Ben Amor at the NRFHT, and will not be taking on any additional patients at this time.


To put your name on the waitlist for doctors accepting new patients in our area, please call Health Care Connect at 800-445-1822 or click here to visit the Health Care Connect website.

In addition to her family medicine practice in the NRFHT, Dr. Armer will also begin providing care for in-patients at the Deep River & District Hospital in the coming months.

Although Dr. Noulty is retiring from her family medicine practice, she will continue to provide care for residents of our local Long-Term Care Homes. Dr. Ben Amor will be assuming care for existing patients of Dr. Noulty, and will also continue providing care for in-patients and supporting the Emergency Department at the Deep River & District Hospital.

Dr. Armer may be a familiar face to many in Deep River already, as she completed a portion of her residency working with the NRFHT.

Dr. Armer completed her undergraduate education with an HBSc in Biochemistry Specialization at Queens University after growing up just outside of Kingston, Ontario. Dr. Armer then went on to complete medical school at the University of Toronto, and completed her Family Medicine Residency locally in Pembroke through the University of Ottawa. Dr. Armer currently resides in Petawawa with her partner, Rob Keen, and they are looking forward to relocating to Deep River.


DRDH President and CEO, Janna Hotson, expressed her enthusiasm to have Dr. Armer come back to DRDH. “We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Armer as a family physician to our team and to our community. We are gaining an outstanding doctor and maintaining our complement of primary care physicians, which will ensure patients of our Family Health Team keep their access to a family doctor locally”.

Janna also extended best wishes on behalf of the Deep River & District Hospital to Dr. Noulty on her family practice retirement, stating, “All of us at DRDH extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to Dr. Noulty for her many years of dedicated service and wish her all the best in retirement. The Long-Term Care residents in our community are very fortunate that they will continue to be able to receive care from Dr. Noulty, and we look forward to benefiting from her experience as we grow our new 96-bed Long-Term Care Home”.

“We are very excited to officially welcome Dr. Armer to our local physician group and back to the NRFHT now that her residency is complete,” added David Dox, DRDH Board Chair. “We are fortunate to have such an excellent physician who has chosen Deep River as the community in which to set up her practice”.

The Deep River & District Hospital formed a “Medical Recruitment Team” in 2019, which primarily looks at physician recruitment and retention for our community. In addition to welcoming new physicians Dr. Sage and Dr. Ceponis in 2021, the Medical Recruitment Team remains active with recruitment efforts underway for a role in the Family Health Team, as well as additional roles in the Emergency Department, and future planning.

The three municipalities of Deep River, Laurentian Hills, and Head, Clara & Maria recognize that recruiting and retaining physicians in North Renfrew is crucial to the physical and economic health of our communities. The four-party partnership with the Deep River & District Hospital enables recruitment and retention activities to be supported.

Please join the Deep River & District Hospital in providing Dr. Caitlin Armer, and her partner, a warm welcome to our community.


Dr. Caitlin Armer

Dr. Caitlin Armer with her partner, Rob Keen, and their dog, Buddy.