Deep River and District Health Releases New 2023-2027 Strategic Plan


The journey to refresh Deep River and District Health’s Strategic Plan – a multi-year plan to guide our organization over the next five years – is complete, thanks to collaboration with over 300 of our patients, residents, caregivers, partners, team and community members.

Today, Deep River and District Health is pleased to share our new 2023-2027 Strategic Plan. With a steadfast commitment to delivering excellent care to our community, our new plan sets exciting and ambitious goals for the Deep River and District Hospital, the Four Seasons Lodge Long-Term Care Home, and the North Renfrew Family Health Team over the coming years.

Upholding our values of caring, excellence, safety, innovation, partnering, and integrity, our new 2023-2027 Strategic Plan affirms our organization’s dedication to caring for every person like a loved one, within our connected health system. Our values continue to serve as our guiding principles, ensuring our organization’s focus remains on delivering excellent, compassionate care for our community.

Over the next five years, our Strategic Plan will focus on three key priority areas:

People: We will invest in our team, nurturing their growth to provide exceptional care today and tomorrow. 

Growth: We will responsibly expand our capabilities, ensuring the delivery of safe, quality care and services. 

Community: We will foster partnerships and engagement opportunities to enhance the overall health of our community.

“The Board of Directors is delighted with the high level of engagement from all our stakeholders throughout the strategic planning process. We would like to acknowledge everyone who contributed and participated in the development of our refreshed strategic directions as well as our new name and brand, said Dave Cox, DRDH Board Chair. “Thank you to all those who provided your thoughts, feedback, and insights on how DRDH can serve our community in the years to come.” 

Through focus groups, interviews, and surveys, 97.9% of patients, families, caregivers, and residents indicated they are satisfied with the services provided by DRDH. In addition, 88.9% of our health system and community partners shared that they are satisfied with DRDH as a partner. These positive responses are further echoed by the team within DRDH, which has seen an increase in overall staff satisfaction of 24% since 2019. Hearing this feedback from our stakeholders, DRDH is motivated to build on our strengths and progress forward with our new strategic pillars of people, growth, and community.

Recognizing that our goals require collective effort, we will rely on the commitment of our entire team and partners in the execution of our Strategic Plan over the next five years. DRDH will continue to seek input and guidance to better understand our community’s changing needs as we implement this new plan. Together, with our partners, we are dedicated to advancing our strategic goals.

DRDH is excited that we now have a new name that reflects our dedication to delivering integrated and person-centred care while our new Strategic Plan provides a roadmap for expanding, innovating, and modernizing to care for our community today and tomorrow.

Deep River and District Health is eager about our future, driven by the dedication of our team and the unwavering support of our community. Together, we will continue to provide excellent care experiences and build a healthier community. 

For more information about our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan and our initiatives, watch our release video below, or click here to access the full plan



graphic of Deep River and District Health Strategic Plan