Emergency Response at Deep River and District Health Safely Concluded


At 17:58 on Monday November 20, 2023, team members at Deep River and District Health (DRDH) put safety first by contacting emergency services immediately after discovering visible smoke within the building. The early detection by the onsite DRDH team and the rapid response of the Deep River Fire Department (DRFD) resulted in discovery and quick containment of an active fire on the rooftop. The timely actions of all those involved onsite ensured that no injuries were sustained.

The DRFD attended the scene along with Deep River Police Service (DRPS) and County of Renfrew Paramedic Services (EMS). In addition to the emergency responders, members from across the DRDH team responded in accordance with our emergency procedures to support patient, resident, and staff safety.

In coordination with emergency services, the DRDH team acted swiftly to safely and proactively evacuate all residents of the Four Seasons Lodge Long-Term Care home to an identified alternate area within the building, away from any smoke.

A Unified Command structure was activated, comprised of DRDH staff, DRFD, DRPS, and EMS, under the leadership of the DRDH Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), to coordinate joint response.

After confirming patient, resident, and staff safety, the Unified Command structure supported the safe movement of residents back to the Four Seasons Lodge Long-Term Care Home.

To provide ongoing oversight of the building, a fire watch protocol was enacted and carried out jointly by DRFD and DRDH for the continued safety of patients, residents, and DRDH team members.

In collaboration with regional partners, ambulances were redirected for a period of time to the nearest alternate Emergency Department. The DRDH Emergency Department has now resumed full operations to provide emergency care for both walk-in and ambulance patients. Across all other areas of the organization, normal services and operations have resumed.

An investigation is underway with the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM), DRFD, and DRPS. The cause of the fire continues to be investigated. At this time, no damage estimate is available.

DRDH would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the DRDH team members who truly showcased our values throughout this emergency situation by putting safety at the forefront.

DRDH would also like to extend sincere thanks to every one of the DRFD, DRPD, EMS emergency responders, as well as our health partners, for your collaboration and support in responding to this emergency situation and ensuring there were no adverse outcomes for patients, residents, families, or our team members.

Deep River Fire Department respond to Deep River and District Health