Deep River and District Health Achieves Highest Ranking Through Accreditation Canada


DRDH team with Accredited with Exemplary Standing banner 

Deep River and District Health (DRDH) is thrilled to announce that we have once again been awarded Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada, highlighting a momentous achievement for our organization.

In early November, DRDH welcomed Accreditation Canada surveyors for a comprehensive assessment spanning 4 days. The survey covered many different aspects of the organization, from patient care at the bedside to governance in the boardroom. Surveyors engaged with team members, patients, residents, families, the Board of Directors, and community partners. Their evaluation encompassed on-site visits to various departments, observing care, examining policies and procedures, and ensuring DRDH is meeting the highest standards of quality, safety, and operational efficiency.

DRDH received an outstanding final score of 99.3%, securing Accreditation with Exemplary Standing for the second time under the esteemed Qmentum Global Accreditation Program. This remarkable accomplishment involved meeting an impressive 1,500 out of Accreditation Canada’s 1,511 applicable standards. Notably, DRDH also adhered to all Required Organization Practices, which address high-risk areas in healthcare.

Accreditation Canada provided an overwhelmingly positive report, commending DRDH’s innovative health campus model, strong community partnerships, high patient, resident, and staff satisfaction, as well as the implementation of our new Strategic Plan. The report also highlighted the invaluable contributions of the supportive Foundation and Auxiliary.

David Cox, DRDH Board Chair, expressed the Board of Directors' satisfaction, stating, “We commend the entire DRDH team for the remarkable results, which are a testament to the level of commitment to quality improvement and person-centered care. We have an incredible team providing excellent care and services to our communities.”

“Being awarded Exemplary Standing for a second consecutive time, despite the challenges faced in healthcare since our last survey in 2019, is a reflection of the strength, compassion, and resilience our teams bring to the organization every day,” said Janna Hotson, DRDH President and CEO. “At DRDH, we strive to care for every person like a loved one, and we are proud that our accreditation status serves as a validation of this commitment.”

Hotson also expressed gratitude to all involved in the survey process, stating, “Participation in Accreditation is a welcomed opportunity for us at DRDH, as it provides us with an opportunity to evaluate our care, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate our achievements.”

Accreditation is a voluntary process that healthcare organizations across Canada can choose to participate in, and DRDH remains committed to upholding Accreditation Canada’s highest standards of quality and safety in healthcare. DRDH looks forward to continuing providing an excellent, compassionate care experience and furthering our quality improvement journey.


Accredited with Exemplary Standing seal