DRDH Implements Additional COVID-19 Precautions


In an effort to protect the community and safeguard the Deep River and District Hospital’s patients, residents, and staff against COVID-19, a variety of measures are now being put in place to limit access to the organization and ensure that those entering the facility are not at risk of having, or having been exposed to, COVID-19.

Any individuals entering the organization remain directed to enter only through the Emergency Department entrance and screening station. Those who ‘fail’ the screening process will not be permitted to enter.

The Emergency Department remains open for emergency care. We ask that you do not attend the Emergency Department unless it is a clear emergency. Patients seeking emergency care are only permitted to have one person accompany them.

Visitors and volunteers are not permitted at this time. Special arrangements may be considered on a case-by-case basis for residents or patients that are very ill or are receiving palliative care. Immediate family members are the only individuals who may be considered ‘essential’ visitors, and only two ‘essential’ visitors will be permitted at a time.

“We recognize the impact that these restrictions have on our patients and residents, but they are being put in place to help protect those in our care,” said Janna Hotson, Chief Nursing Executive and COVID-19 response team lead.

Non-essential services are being suspended or reduced, in line with provincial and regional direction, to ensure the organization has the capacity to respond to increased care needs in relation to COVID-19. A focus on critical functions and providing care through virtual or telephone visits will be the priority at this time.

Suspended services include:
• Volunteer programming including the Gift Shop
• Outpatient physiotherapy
• Evening and weekend ultrasound
• Bone Mineral Density Screening
• Ontario Breast Screening/Mammography
• Outpatient programing such as: Speech Language Therapy and Smoking Cessation

Services that are being reduced, or offered through alternative formats, include:
• Diabetes Care
• Telemedicine
• Primary Care


Essential partner services are being reviewed to ensure essential community services that we support can be continued.

The Food Bank will continue to operate on site, segregating pick up/drop off at the employee entrance. Food Bank volunteers will all be screened and will have limited access to the building.

Paramed Clinics will continue on site at this time in order to support community care and avoid increased need for emergency department care. Discussions will occur in regards to focused hours and care for Paramed Clinics.

Janna Hotson indicated that, “DRDH recognizes that these uncertain times are challenging for everyone and the spread of COVID-19 is resulting in a lot of disruption and uncertainty. We are doing all we can to help protect the health of our patients, residents, physicians, and staff so that we will be here for our community when it needs us the most. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we endeavour to continue to deliver health care the safest way possible”.

Our individual responsibility at this time is to minimize the spread of the virus and the impending impact on our healthcare system. We urge you to wash your hands and stay home. Please reconsider attending public venues, events, and travelling. The more successful we are at social distancing as a community, the better chance we have at minimizing the impact of COVID-19.

Given the rapidly evolving circumstances, the organization will continue putting out regular communication to the public via our website and local media channels as the situation develops.