DRDH Seeking Feedback from Patients


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in early March, the Deep River and District Hospital, the Four Seasons Lodge Long-Term Care, and the North Renfrew Family Health Team activated the organization’s Emergency Operations Center. Since that time, we have shifted from regular operations to pandemic response. Our goal has been to continue services for our patients, residents, and community, while continuing to provide an excellent, compassionate healthcare experience.

The organization is now focused on safely resuming services, while also planning for a possible second wave. As part of preparing for a possible second wave, our emergency response during the first stages of the pandemic is being reviewed.

If you have received care at either the Hospital or Family Health Team over the last 5 months, we are inviting you to provide feedback by completing the survey below.

A key part of reviewing the organization’s response is input from our patients. Your feedback will be used in our debriefing process to identify successes as well as ways we can improve our response in the future.

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in different ways. We are seeking feedback from our patients on how our response impacted you, and how we can adapt emergency operations. Our aim is to identify how we can keep working together to build a strong community and health system, as well as prepare for a potential second wave or prolonged emergency operations.

Your time to provide input and share your experience through completing the survey is greatly appreciated. In light of the urgency of response, we ask that surveys are completed as soon as possible, no later than Sunday, August 30, 2020.

We would like to thank our patients for their time, participation, and partnership in this survey process.