Four Seasons Lodge Celebrates Residents' and Family Council Week


Across Ontario, long-term care homes are set to celebrate the first Resident’s Council Week, which will begin on September 14, 2020. The purpose of Residents’ Council week is to allow Councils to showcase who they are, what they care about, and how they make a difference in their community.

The Residents’ and Family Council at the Four Seasons Lodge Long-Term Care Home provides the residents and their family members a forum to come together as neighbours and offer meaningful feedback, collaborate on ideas, and support decision-making in all aspects of the home’s operations.

Among other activities planned for the week, the Council is celebrating the many accomplishments they have achieved over the past year. The Council has been very active in decision-making for the Lodge at Home project, which is an ongoing transformational project to foster a home-like environment. Residents have provided input on physical improvements to the Home, as well as feedback on the move towards a social focus for care and interactions. Residents also recently made the decision, upon careful consideration, to adopt a new a member into their home. Cesar, a four-year old cat, moved into the Home in July, as the Council felt that having a pet makes the Four Seasons Lodge feel even more home-like. The Council has also continued to choose a ‘meal choice of the month’, as well as provide important feedback to revise the seasonal menu with resident meal favourites. Leisure and recreational activities for the Home are also identified by the Council, to align with activities residents enjoy, such as trivia and gardening.

During these unprecedented times, the functioning of every Residents’ Council has been affected different by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Four Seasons Lodge Residents’ and Family Council has continued to meet monthly. However, meeting structure for the Council has changed slightly to adapt to the necessary COVID-19 safety measures. At the beginning of the pandemic, the Council structure was adapted to ensure that one-on-one meetings were held with each resident. As the Four Seasons Lodge is a small home, the residents have been able to gradually resume the usual structure of the Residents’ and Family Council, meeting in a small group with physical distancing measures in place. During these past few months, family members have been encouraged to continue to participate in the meetings by telephone or virtually.

Residents’ Council plays an important role in shaping life at the Four Seasons Lodge and in creating a place they can be proud to call home. On behalf of the entire Four Seasons Lodge Residents’ and Family Council, we want to wish all long-term care homes across Ontario a very happy first Resident’s Council Week!

Happy Residents' and Family Council Week