Respiratory Outbreak Cleared at the Four Seasons Lodge


Public Health has declared the outbreak of respiratory illness in the Four Seasons Lodge Long-Term Care to be over. Testing was completed to confirm that the illness was not COVID-19 or influenza. All of our residents’ symptoms have fully resolved, and the incubation period has ended.

The Four Seasons Lodge would like to thank everyone for their cooperation during the outbreak as precautions were put in effect to prevent further spread of the illness. The organization would also like to extend thanks to all of our staff who worked diligently to limit the spread of infection and ensure our residents remain safe and healthy.

Since the reparatory outbreak has been declared over, limited visiting has been resumed. In the Four Seasons Lodge, residents may have 2 designated visitors, and only one visitor may come at a time unless both visitors live in the same home. Any visitors coming to the Four Seasons Lodge for an indoor visit are required to be tested for COVID-19 within the last 14 days. At this time, testing remains available through the Renfrew County Virtual Triage and Assessment Centre’s (RC VTAC) rotating outdoor drive-through clinics, by appointment only.

Window and virtual visits continue to be encouraged, and can be coordinated directly by calling the Four Seasons Lodge at 613-584-3333 ext. 7305.

Visiting policies at the Four Seasons Lodge may be adjusted as necessary to keep the safety of residents and staff at the forefront.