DRDH Fights the Flu Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic


The Deep River and District Hospital (DRDH), and our community partners, came together to deliver an innovative influenza vaccination campaign this flu season. The campaign is being labeled as a major success - with over 1,400 influenza vaccines provided to members of our community.

The organization’s influenza campaign focused its efforts on increasing access to the flu shot through community immunization clinics, staff immunizations, as well as primary care patient and long-term care resident immunizations.

The goals of increasing availability of the flu shot this year were to reduce the impacts of seasonal flu, to help protect our local community, and to prevent increased demands on the health care system as we continue to navigate ‘wave 2’ of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In previous years, the Renfrew County District Health Unit (RCDHU) has been responsible for community vaccination clinics in Renfrew County. Due to the RCDHU’s focus on responding to COVID-19, they reached out to local health partners this year, including the Deep River and District Hospital, and requested that these organizations spearhead community clinics in their areas.

To assist Public Health with managing the delivery of immunizations during the pandemic, the Deep River and District Hospital, in a unique partnership with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Algonquin College, the Town of Laurentian Hills, and the United Townships of Head, Clara and Maria, hosted four community influenza vaccination clinics in Deep River, Chalk River, and Stonecliffe. Over the four clinics combined, more than 500 community members were provided with influenza vaccinations.

The clinics helped to create broad access to our local community for influenza immunization, as well as assist Algonquin College’s nursing students in gaining valuable clinical experience and clinical hours towards graduation. Hosting the clinics at CNL’s Morrison Campus, the Chalk River Lion’s Hall, and the Head, Clara, and Maria Township Hall enabled patients to socially distance and reduced travel required to receive the vaccine. The Deep River and District Hospital would like to extend sincere thanks to everyone who supported the planning and delivery of these clinics through such a unique collaborative effort with our organization.

The organization has also worked to ensure staff are vaccinated against influenza as well. This year, the Deep River and District Hospital, Four Seasons Lodge, and North Renfrew Family Health Team achieved a 90% staff vaccination rate, which is the highest percentage obtained in recent years.

This tremendous staff vaccination rate, as well as the successful community immunization clinics, would not have been possible without the diligent work of the organization’s Occupational Health team members and the dedication of the organization’s staff to keeping themselves and their patients or residents safe.

In addition, the North Renfrew Family Health Team provided nearly 800 influenza vaccinations to rostered patients, prioritizing elderly patients and those who are at the highest risk of complications from influenza.

Overall, the Deep River and District Hospital’s influenza campaign successfully provided over 1,400 vaccinations to members of our community amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With the remarkable support we receive from our community, the organization is proud to continue providing excellent, compassionate health care in some of the most difficult circumstances we have ever faced.

Thank you again to all of our partners, who have come together in extraordinary and innovative ways to meet the needs of our community.

DRDH influenza clinics 2020