Don't Miss Your Change to Catch the Ace


The Deep River and District Hospital (DRDH) Foundation Catch the Ace lottery is still in play! This coming week is Week 41 out of the possible 52 weeks the lottery could go. With only 12 cards remaining, the chances of uncovering the Ace of Spades and winning the progressive jackpot of an expected $40,000 have never been better.

It is estimated that together the weekly prize and progressive jackpot will likely exceed $40,000 this week!


With this being the first lottery conducted by the Deep River and District Hospital Foundation electronically, purchasing tickets is even more accessible to anyone, anywhere in Ontario.

“The Catch the Ace lottery remains an incredibly exciting event and continues to support the Foundation to provide the Deep River and District Hospital with much needed funds for capital equipment”, said Chris Doucette, DRDH Foundation Executive Director. “The DRDH Foundation is excited to be able to offer the opportunity to participate in the lottery to anyone in Ontario through the online platform.”

“The funds raised through the Catch the Ace lottery are critical to support our organization to continue to provide excellent, compassionate healthcare for our community,” said William Willard, DRDH Vice-President, CFO, and Treasurer of the Foundation. “It is exciting to see the progressive jackpot grow and exceed the $40,000 mark. With the progressive jackpot and weekly prize amounts growing quickly, now is the time to get tickets for your chance to Catch the Ace.”

The more tickets that are sold each week, the more funds are raised for our local hospital, and the larger both the weekly prizes and progressive jackpot become. Last week’s winner collected $1,488, but her choice did not uncover the elusive Ace of Spades. With only 12 unopened envelopes left, each week improves your odds of finding the ace.

There is still time to buy ticket(s) for this week’s draw and a have chance to find the elusive Ace of Spades and take home the estimated $40,000 jackpot!

Tickets can be purchased online at https://www.drdhfoundation.com/catch-the-ace


*Catch the Ace progressive raffle lottery is a multiple-draw game in which participants purchase tickets each week for a chance to win a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of tickets from one draw; and, the draw winner also gets a chance to win a progressive (cumulative) jackpot by selecting a card from a standard deck of 52 playing cards. If the card selected is not the Ace of Spades, the selected card is removed from play and the progressive prize portion of the ticket sales for that draw is rolled over into the progressive jackpot for the next scheduled draw. The lottery continues until such time as the Ace of Spades has been selected and the progressive jackpot has been awarded. The draws are limited to 52 consecutive weeks, the number of cards in a standard deck of cards.